Mashed Up at the Sock Hop Vol. 1

One of the things I wanted to cross off my mashup bucket list was to produce my own themed mixtape of other people’s tracks. I’ve always loved 50s rock n’ roll music so when I heard MasDaMind’s ‘Drop It At The Hop’ & started wondering what other were floating around tracks like it I knew I’d found the exact theme to base my mixtape project around. I knew I wanted to hear more mashups of these songs so I decided to gather as many great ones as I could find together to make it easier for anyone else looking for something like this too.

I was so glad I started this project because it’s led me to making contact with so many producers I would have never talked to otherwise. It led me to discovering Mr. Fab’s work as RIAA through the Radio Clash Bootleg Archive. It led to me being interviewed by MasDaMind on his Twitch channel and forms the basis of me making my own Twitch debut as a part of Crumplstock 9.

While gathering the tracks I was so inspired that I started making a bunch of similar tracks of my own. My own ‘Lets Twist A Basket’ was already firmly in the right theme, as was “Johnny’s Drivers License” so those are getting a second airing on my half of this collection.

Thank you so much to all the producers involved for letting me include your tracks. Particular thanks go out to Pimpdaddysupreme for recording the amazing intro used on track 1. I already have plans (and a couple of tracks earmarked) for a potential Vol. 2 so if any producers have made or are making anything they think would fit please get in touch and let me know!


  1. KIWB Intro/Call Me Bo Diddly (Carly Rae Jepsen x Bo Diddly feat. Pimpdaddysupreme) iWillBattle
  2. Wannaboot (The Du Droppers x The Spice Girls) iWillBattle
  3. Cherub Rock Around the Clock (Smashing Pumpkins x Bill Hailey and the Comets) iWillBattle
  4. Flying Saucers are the Original Pranksters (Billy Lee Riley x The Offspring) iWillBattle
  5. Johnny’s Drivers License (Olivia Rodrigo x Chuck Berry) iWillBattle
  6. Big Girls Don’t Cry About That Bass (Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons x Meghan Trainor) iWillBattle
  7. The Internet is a Great Ball of Fire (Bo Burnham x Jerry Lee Lewis) iWillBattle
  8. King Kong vs Godzilla (Big ‘T’ Tyler x Blue Öyster Cult) iWillBattle
  9. Fast Road Runner (Saweetie x Bo Diddly) iWillBattle
  10. Hole In the Funnel (Wanda Jackson x Sugababes) iWillBattle
  11. You Beat Me To The Slumber Party (Ashnikko ft. Princess Nokia x Mary Wells) iWillBattle
  12. Lets Twist A Basket (Chubby Checker x Green Day) iWillBattle


  1. Drop It At the Hop (Snoop Dogg & Pharrell x Danny and the Juniors) MasDaMind
  2. Stupified Sue (Disturbed x Dion) mashupchuck
  3. Itsy Bitsy Short Dick Man (20 Fingers feat. Gillette x Brian Hyland) RIAA
  4. Lez Go Everybody (Cypress Hill x Rusko x Eddie Cochran x Fatboy Slim) DRA’man
  5. Woo Hah! I Lost My Sombrero (Busta Rhymes x The Champs) DRA’man
  6. Uptight Bamba (Stevie Wonder x Los Lobos) Amoraboy
  7. Rockabilly High (Afroman x Duane Eddy) Rudec
  8. Ace of Shout (The Isely Brothers x Motörhead) Bill McClintock
  9. Jailhouse Yourself (Eminem x Elvis Presley) MasDaMind
  10. The Twist of Single Ladies (Beyonce x Chubby Checker) Amoraboy
  11. Through The Fire And The Heatwave (Dragonforce vs Martha And The Vandellas) pomDeter
  12. Shimmy Like A Man (ODB x The Four Seasons) RIAA
  13. You Make My Heart Go (2017 Re-Master) Cockney Nutjob
  14. Hamma Walking (Culcha Candela x Fats Domino) DJ LUP
  15. Get Ur Tequila! (Missy Elliott x The Champs) Fissunix
  16. It’s a Sleep Walk (James Brown x Santo & Johnny) ToToM
  17. Baby, I Apologize (The Ronettes x OneRepublic) DJ CROSSABILITY


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